Hyundai Equus Features

Hyundai Motor Company operates worldwide and sells some of the cheapest and most expensive cars all under the same trustworthy brand name. So what is currently the company’s most expensive car? The Hyundai Equus is currently the most expensive car sold by the company with starting price of $58,000. We have taken a look at the Equus and decided what we think are the cars most impressive features.

By far I think the cars best feature is its stunningly good looks. Hyundai makes some good look cars but the Equus is simply at another level as far as styling goes. The front end design features on the car include a large grill, an Equus specific symbol, and a very modern state of the art headlight system which adds to the styling of the car. Rather than a Hyundai, the car looks like a high end sedan that challenges other manufacturers for the best styled car. Anyone driving around in this car should rest assured that people are admiring the cars looks as they drive by. The first time I saw this car on the road I didn’t know what it was and immediately began researching the car on the internet; it simply captivated me.

My next favorite feature of the Equus is the rear seating which looks more like something you would expect from a Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Instead of having a long bench with three seats, Hyundai opted for a two premium seat setup with a large center console in the middle. The center console includes a refrigerator for those long journeys and an independently controlled entertainment system. The best part is that the seats have an extension for leg support.


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